TANGIER, 8 February 2021 – At least 24 people have been killed after un underground textile factory flooded in a private house in Tangier.

Ten other people were rescued by first responders and taken to a local hospital, the state-run Moroccan news agency (MAP) reported Monday.

Locating Tangiers - Source AFP

Locating Tangiers – Source AFP

24 Garment Workers Killed in Flooded Factory - Photo bna.bh.com

Heavy Rains Have Led to Flooding – bna.bh.com

Footage broadcast by state television on Monday showed emergency rescue workers carrying out dozens of bodies on stretchers, as saddened local residents in Tangiers watched in horror.

Residents were first to arrive the scene and, thanks to their heroism, most of the ten survivors were helped out of the flooded basement of the building using ropes lowered by locals.

Rescue workers said rain water from overwhelmed drainage system poured into the basement of the house housing the factory, catching the garment factory workers unaware.

Flash Floods Slam Morocco - Source BBC.com

Flash Floods Slam Morocco – Photo AFP

Officials said Monday that a probe had been opened into the tragedy.

Since the start of 2021, Morocco has been slammed by heavy rains, leading to flooding in several cities.

The city of Casablanca has been one of the worst-hit regions of the country, with floods there causing severe damage to infrastructure.

Casablanca residents have described the floods they are experiencing as nightmarish.

One resident commented on Twitter that Casablanca was “slowly marking its transition to becoming the new Venice”.

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