RABAT, 27 January 2021 – Algeria is making no secret of its dissatisfaction with Morocco over the latter’s deal with ex-US President Donald Trump recognizing Israel and claiming sovereignty over the Western Sahara.

Algeria’s minister of communication and spokesperson of the government, Ammar Belhimer, publicly attacked Morocco over the issue on Thursday.

Algerian Govt Spokesperson Ammar Belhimer - Photo DZ Breaking

Algerian Govt Spokesperson Ammar Belhimer – Photo DZ Breaking

“Its risks primarily target Morocco,” Belhimer told Algerian state media, APS.

Algeria and Mauritania are among the best known supporters of the Polisario Front, whose fighters have been locked in conflict with Moroccan forcesoccupying Western Sahara.

Last December, Algeria’s Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad described the deal with former American President Trump as targeting Algeria and representing “a real threat” to Algeria’s border.

Last December 10, Morocco announced that it was recognizing Israel.

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