MAPUTO, 20 March 2021 – No fewer than 114 people with albinism have disappeared in Mozambique over the past seven years, the country’s human rights commission notes in its latest report.

The report says there are 55 ongoing criminal proceedings related to the disappearances.

Endangered Mozambican Albinos - Photo CNN

Endangered Mozambican Albinos – Photo CNN

Mozambique’s National Commission on Human Rights made the report at a meeting convened in the capital, Maputo, to discuss the stigma the country’s estimated 20,000 albino people continue to face.

The Killing of Albinos Continues - Photo Club of Mozambique

The Killing of Albinos Continues – Photo Club of Mozambique

People with albinism living in a host of east and southern African countries have been often killed and their body parts used in charms which are believed to bring luck in love and fortune.

The country’s Ministry of Justice has reiterated the determination of the government to protect albinos and fight discrimination against them.

Albinos in Mozambique have reported being turned away from hospitals ever since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, according to the commission.

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