MAPUTO, 8 January 2021 – Mozambique on Thursday closed its borders to travelers from South Africa, responding tit for tat to a similar move by its neighbor.

Location Mozambique South Africa

Location Mozambique South Africa – Photo Jeffrey’s Bay News

South African authorities accused travelers from Mozambique arriving at border crossings in South Africa of presenting fake COVID-19 tests.

As a result, Mozambicans traveling to South Africa have been prevented from entering South Africa since the beginning of the week.

Mozambique’s Health Minister Armindo Tiago gave assurances that an investigation is underway.

Mozambique’s National Criminal Investigation Service said Friday that the investigations are going well, without providing additional details.

Meantime, the health ministry has recommended that all Mozambicans traveling to anywhere in the world to take the reliable PCR test before embarking on their trips.

Mozambique Border with South Africa Closed

Mozambique Border with South Africa Closed – Photo Courtesy Facebook

Pretoria on Thursday rewarded Maputo’s determination to get to the bottom of the fake tests by beginning to process travelers coming across the border.

After five days of the border being closed at the crossing at Ressano Garcia, travelers started crossing the border Thursday.

Skilled and unskilled Mozambican, Botswanan and Zambian workers flock to and and work in the mines of South Africa and the oil sectors of Angola.

The Migration Data Portal estimates that this workforce represents nearly eight million migrants of the 354 million Southern African inhabitants.

An estimated 4.2 million migrants reside and work in South Africa along as of mid-year 2019, according to the Migration Data Portal.

South Africa does not only offer the best employment opportunities as the most industrialized nation. The Rainbow Nation also offers opportunities for those who seek education conditions..

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