KONSHISHA, 9 April 2021 – Eleven army personnel, including a commander, who were declared missing after an ambush in the central state of Benue, have been found dead.

The mortal remains of the soldiers – some of them charred – were found in the Konshisha area of Benue state.

Benue State - Source ResearchGate

Benue State – Source ResearchGate

A spokesperson for the Nigerian military described the slaying of the soldiers as a “heinous crime”.

Special commando units have been deployed throughout Benue state in a hunt for the perpetrators of the crime.

The BBC reported Friday claims that some Nigerian soldiers had fired indiscriminately, killing a number of civilians in an apparent act of retaliation and anger over the attack on their fellow comrades in uniform.

The Nigerian military spokesperson who briefed reporters on the killing of the eleven soldiers denied the allegations.

Mortal Remains of Eleven Missing Soldiers Found - Photo ShaunTV

Mortal Remains of Eleven Missing Soldiers Found – Photo ShaunTV

No group has claimed responsibility for the killing of the eleven.

Nigeria is grappling with insecurity and violence marked by attacks by Islamist militants of Boko Haram, inter-ethnic clashes, attacks on herders and on farmers, and kidnappings for ransom perpetrated by increasingly more daring criminal gangs.

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