ABUJA, 3 January 2021 – Dozens of Boko Haram militants have been killed in a series of air strikes launched by the army in Borno State, northeastern Nigeria.

Maj. Gen John Eneche – Photo BioReports

Armed forces “attacked the hideouts of Boko Haram near (Tomboon Jenny) in Borno state last Wednesday,” said Maj. Gen. John Enenche, a spokesperson for the Nigerian army.

The air strikes “were launched after a series of air surveillance missions that indicated that the site was being used as a staging base”.

Enenche said the site attacked was used by Boko Haram leaders and their fighters “to plan and launch attacks”.

Boko Haram Hideout Raided – Photo Anadolu Agency

Boko Haram fighters have been engaged in an armed rebellion against the Nigerian state since 2009.

More than 36,000 people have been killed in attacks by Boko Haram.

The terror group has expanded its attacks to neighboring countries, including Chad, Chad, Mali, Niger, and The Cameroons.

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