KADUNA, 11 January 2021 – A gang of seven human traffickers has been rounded up in a security crackdown coordinated by authorities in three Nigerian states.

Five children who had gone missing in Kano State were found Monday in Anambra and Enugu states.

The Kano State Commissioner of Information Muhammud Garba confirmed the information to reporters Monday in the capital, Kaduna.

Eight chidren kidnapped from Kano found and reunited

The children kidnapped from Kano found and reunited with parents and siblings – Photo LailasNews

The children found have been positively identified and reunited with their parents, Garba said.

However, two of the seven children remain missing.

The missing children are really victims of human trafficking by armed gangs that have engaged in kidnapping, buying and selling children.

The Anambra State Commisioner of Justice and the Attorney General, Bar. Musa Lawan, sid investigations are ongoing to find the other missing children.

Another group of nine children that had gone missing in October 2019 were also found and reunited with their families.

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