ABUJA, 14 April 2021` – Suspected Islamist militants have attacked and ransacked a police headquarters in the town of Damasak in Nigeria’s northeastern Borno State.

United Nations humanitarian operations in the town, which is used as a logistics hub by the world organization, have been temporarily suspended.

Damasak Nigeria Source AFP

Damasak – Source AFP

U.N. suspension of service followed last Saturday attacks by suspected Islamist militants during which at least four people, including two soldiers, were killed.

The latest attack on the town unfolded just before the end of the first day of the daily Ramadan fast on Tuesday.

The attackers also ransacked and looted homes, schools, and shops as well as raise Islamist flags in the town.

Nigerian military officials say soldiers killed “many insurgents” in a counter operation to repel the attacks.

Nigerian Troops During a Counter-Terrorism Training Session

Nigerian Troops During a Counter-Terrorism Training Session

Social media postings suggest that at least half a dozen civilians and members of the security forces were killed in the attacks.

Newspaper reports on the incident have indicated that they are unable to independently verify details of the attacks.

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