LONDON, 25 February 2021 – A Nigerian-British, Joel Eleojo Adams, has set a new groundbreaking record within the British Royal Air Force.

Last February 11, the Nigerian native, born in Kogi State, became the first Non-British to be commissioned as an Aero-Systems Special Engineer, to the rank of a Flying Officer in the British Royal Air Force.

Joel Eleojo Adams - Photo Daily Echos

Joel Eleojo Adams – Photo Daily Echos

According to Fresh Angle International, Joel Eleojo Adams, has received one of the most prestigious honors in the United Kingdom from the hands of the Queen of England.

It had been 102 years last February 11 ever since a non-United Kingdom-born citizen had earned such an honor.

“I was emotional this evening as I reflected on my journey – the humble beginning, the sacrifices, the grace of God, and the accomplishments,” Joel Eleojo Adams wrote on Facebook.

The award recognizes him for his amazing contributions and research work that have come in handy for the UK military, Fresh Angle International reported on its website.

“It is not so much about the accomplishment as it is about where I’m coming from,” Eleojo wrote on Facebook.

Queen of England Honors Nigerian-born Air Force Officer - Photo eBuzz Nigeria

Nigerian-born Eleojo Honored by Queen – eBuzz Nigeria

Queen Elizabeth - Photo News Break

Queen Elizabeth – Photo News Break

“Boy-o-boy, this barrack pikin has come very far o! Only those of my background will understand,” Eleojo added.

According to Niger Delta Connect, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Niger Delta University, Bayelsa state.

He later earned a Ph.D in industrial systems and manufacturing engineering from the University of Cambridge.

After graduating with a Masters Degree in control systems from the Imperial College London, he started his career at Ford Motors UK as the BOM Lead Project Analyst for Battery Electric Vehicles..

The Nigerian native had traveled to study in the United Kingdom as one of the recipients of the Presidential Scholarship for Innocation and Development.

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