ABUJA, 28 December 2020 – The variant of COVID-19 identified in Nigeria is different from the strains detected in the UK and South Africa, scientists have warned.

More studies are also needed to determine whether Nigeria’s variant is linked to the recent spike in infections, said Christian Happi, head of the African Centre of Excellence for Genomics and Infectious Diseases in Nigeria.

The New Strain World Map – Daily Mail

South Africa has said its new variant may be linked to a recent increase in infections, notably among young people.

More studies are needed to see whether the strains in Nigeria, South Africa and the United Kingdom are identical, Happi added.

More Studies Needed, Dr. Happi – Photo Asharq AL-awsat

Nigeria’s strain was detected in two out of 200 samples collected between August and October 2020.

Last week, Nigeria recorded a 52 percent increase in its coronavirus cases, with more than 82,000 total infections and a little over 1,200 deaths.

Source: Facebook Posting

The posting to the right from Facebook offers more facts about the new COVID-19 variants.

The strain detected in Nigeria allegedly does not spread as fast as the two other variants detected so far.

It remains unclear if any of the freshly detected strains is more deadly or more resistant to the vaccines that have now being used for inoculations worldwide.

Vaccine makers have announced that they are testing the new variants and should know soon if they are resistant or not to existing vaccines.

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