KADUNA, 7 March 2021 – Unidentified gunmen have abducted nine people in he Federal Airport Staff Quarters in the northern Nigerian state of Kaduna.

The armed bandits gained access to the airport staff quarters from the runway, news reports from Kaduna said Sunday.

A Wing of the Kaduna Airport - Photo Naija Campus Jams

A Wing of the Kaduna Airport – Photo Naija Campus Jams

The attack reportedly started around 12.30 a.m. Sunday and was over in about 30 swift minutes.

The nine abductees taken away on motorbikes include six members of the same family, according to one account published by the online news portal Sahara Reporters.

The other three hostages are a housewife and her two children, Sahara Reporters explained.

Armed bandits have multiplied attacks against civilians in northern parts of Nigeria, often holding their victims until they can extort ransoms from their relations or authorities.

Armed attacks followed by hostage-takings have continued to multiply across Nigeria.

Armed Bandits' Reign of Terror in Nigeria - Daily Report Nigeria

Armed Bandits’ Reign of Terror in Nigeria – Daily Report Nigeria

Last February 17, more than 40 students, teachers, and administrators of a school in Nigeria’s Niger State were kidnapped by unidentified gunmen who killed at least one student during the attack.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has said he is committed to fighting the armed gangs, deciding recently to fire all four service chiefs.

After the attacks in Niger State, Buhari ordered the service chiefs to coordinate rescue operations after gunmen kidnapped some 300 schoolboys from a school in Kankara in his home state of Katsina.

Over 300 schoolgirls were kidnapped from a school in Zamfara State, followed by their release after the armed bandits were paid heft ransom.

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