OSOGBO, 8 February 2021 – A curfew is in force in parts of Nigeria’s southwestern Osun State where clashes erupted over the weekend between Ilobu and Erin-Osun communities.

Armed and security forces in the parts of the state affected have powers to arrest and prosecute anyone found violating the 24-hour curfew, which began Sunday.

Curfew in Osun State - YouTube ScreenShot

Curfew Declared in Parts of Osun State – YouTube ScreenShot

Soldiers Flog Curfew Violators - Photo Naija Media

Soldiers in Osun State Reportedly Flog Curfew Violators – Photo Naija Media

Nigerian media outlets have posed pictures on social media claiming to show soldiers flogging violators of the curfew and rolling them in mud.

In a statement decreeing the curfew, the state government said it was living up to its oath of office to protect the lives and property of citizens in the state.

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