ABUJA, 18 January 2021 – Schools reopened Monday across Nigeria despite rising cases of the new coronavirus, with students wearing masks and social distancing.

It is the first time that schools have reopened since students were sent home in mid-December for Christmas break.

The second wave of the virus was spreading at the time when Nigeria’s education ministry decided to call off in-person learning.

Students wash hands outside classroom in Nigeria - Photo UNICEF

Students wash hands outside classroom in Nigeria – Photo UNICEF

Schools were previously closed for six months last year.

University students also resumed in-peson learning on Monday, ending an entire year that htave have been home during a long strike by lecturers.

The government rejected advice from Nigerian lawmakes who expressed the desire to see reopening postponed for another three months amidst fears that a return to class would accelerate infection rates across the country.

As of Monday, Nigeria had recorded over 110,000 cases of COVID-19 with 1,435 deaths.

Hospitals in the country have reported 89,317 recoveries, according to data updated several times a day by Johns Hopkins University.

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