ABUJA, 15 February 2021 – Nigerian Nobel literature laureate Wole Soyinka has warned of famine in Nigeria unless the conflict between cattle herders and other farming communities cools down.

“If we are not careful… we are going to have a famine when farmers cannot go to their farms,” Soyinka told the BBC.

Wole Soyinka - Photo Peace FM Online

Wole Soyinka – Photo Peace FM Online

Some of the conflict has been triggered by cattle straying into farmlands, destroying crops and sparking clashes between cattle herders and other farmers.

“This is serious… right on my doorstep we’re having food producers being thrown out of their livelihood ,” the Nobel Literature Prize Winner told the BBC’s Focus on Africa program.

Soyinka said farmers and cattle herders are being kidnapped and killed, crops are being destroyed in the field, food reserves are getting burnt in the barn in homes and farmers are terrified by insecurity to go out and farm their fields.

He called for better community policing that avoids the targeting of any community or ethnic group.

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