MANDO, 15 January 2021 – Eighteen people, including four mothers and their babies, remained in captivity Friday in the northern state of Kaduna after being seized by unidentified gunmen from their village.

The attackers stormed Mando village on motorbikes during the dawn hours of Wednesday and seized the women and babies as they prepared for the start of their day.

Ransom seekers powered by guns

Bandits and ransom seekers, empowered by weapons they wield – Photo Vanguard News

Police in the capital, told reporters Thursday that they were still investigating the attack but believed that the raiders were Boko Haram terrorists.

The attackers looted shops in the village center, loaded their loot along with the hostages they took on motorbikes before riding back into the dawn light via dirt roads leaving the village.

Boko Haram fighters kidnaped more than 300 schoolboys from their formitory in the next-door state of Katsina.

The schoolboys were later released unharmed and reunited with their families.

Nigeria has raised the number of troop presence across northern Nigeria, where the Islamist fighters have been operating since 2009, but have been unsuccessfully in stamping out hostage takings.

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