WAJIR COUNTY, KENYA, 17 JUNE 2018 – Five people have been killed in an outbreak of the so-called Rift Valley Fever, an Ebola-like haemorrhagic fever.

United Nations health officials have described the Rift Valley Fever as one of the most likely viruses to spark a global pandemic.

The first victim of Rift Valley Fever died last week in Wajir County, northern Kenya. The 18-year-old man died after three days of internal and external bleeding.

Fearing a spread of the disease, Kenyan authorities have announced a total ban on the slaughter of livestock as well as on the sale and consumption of meat and milk.

Rift Valley Fever is usually transmitted to humans through blood, tissue or organs of livestock that have been infected with the virus known to be transmitted through mosquito bites. Mosquitoes can pass the disease to humans directly.

Rural areas like Wajir, where most families own cows, goats and camels – all carriers of the disease – could easily become the epicenter of a major outbreak.

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