AMBAZONIA, 4 November 2020 – The New York-based rights organization, Human Rights Watch has made more outlandish claims incriminating pro-independence movements seeking the birth of a new country to be known as Ambazonia.

In a tweet Friday, HRW’s lead researcher for the Lake Chad Basin Region, Ilaria Allegrozi, claimed that Ambazonian Restoration Forces are plotting pre and post-election violence and vote disruption.

HRW was slammed online by Ambazonian activists.

The spokesperson of the Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons (MoRISC), Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert said Ms. Allergrozi claimed to have as much information as pro-independence commanders or as a prophetess.

Without an iota of proof, HRW’s Allegrozi claimed that an attack on students in a school in Victoria (also called Limbe) was perpetrated by Ambazonian Restoration Forces.

Reporting by HRW on the genocidal violence in The Cameroons has repeatedly come under criticism from Ambazonian leaders ever since the New York-based rights group allowed the regime of Mr. Paul Biya to issue a rebuttal as part of its report.

At a press launch of the report, HRW shocked the world by giving the floor to the Biya regime – accused for numerous rights violations in the same report – to give its own side of the story.

The intervention by an official from the Cameroon permanent mission to the United Nations was only averted after a representation of the United Nations Correspondents’ Association cut off the Cameroonian official and explained that it would be a violation of rules of the association.

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