Tunisia: Call for UN to End Conflicts

Tunisian President Kais Saied

TUNIS, 8 January 2021 – Tunisian President Kais Saied on Wednesday called on the United Nations to do more to tackle the root causes of armed conflicts.

Saied urged member countries of the world body to mobilize the support the UN needs to draft comprehensive strategies to build worldwide peace and end the hostilities that continue to threaten world peace and security.

Screen Shot of Virtual UNSC Meeting

Screen Shot of Virtual UNSC Session – Photo Newsweek

The Tunisian leader spoke via video conference during the first ession of the UN Security Council chaired by Tunisia.

There would be “no peace without a comprehensive, fair, integrated and sustainable development that preserves the dignity of the human people anywhere,” Saied told the Security Council.

Saied Tunisia’s commitment to serve world peace, security and sustainable development.

Tunisia assumed the rotating presidency of the Security Council on Monday for the fourth time in its history.


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January 8, 2021

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