DAKAR, 27 December 2020 – One person died from COVID-19 Sunday in Senegal where 86 new cases were detected and 32 patients were in intensive care in hospitals.

The number of cases in intensive care is only one less than the count on Boxing Day.

Source: Britannica

Senegal’s health services tested 1,200 people on Sunday, revealing an infection rate of 7.17 percent.

It added that 55 patients were declared fully recovered from their COVID-19 infections on Sunday.

Cases continue to mount in the country, said Dr. Mamadou Ndiaye, the country’s director for preventive medicine in a statement to the press.

Tackling a Second COVID19 Wave – Photo Reuters

The statement outlined where the positive cases were detected.

Since 2 March 2020, Senegal has detected a total of 18,609 positive cases.

A total of 388 people have died from the new coronavirus in Senegal and some 16,936 others have fully recovered from the virus.

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