VICTORIA, 30 January 2021 – Seychelles is starting Round II of COVID-19 vaccinations next February 7, after becoming the first African nation to launch inoculations..

Of the 98,000 inhabitants of Seychelles, more than 25,000 had already received a first does of the vaccine as of last January 27.

The doses administered included 4,000 from the Indian vaccine Covishield and 21,507 doses from the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm.

Both China and India donated 50,000 doses to the island nation.

Seychellois PM Gets Vaccinated - Photo Metro Libre

Seychellois PM Vaccinated – Metro Libre

COVID19 Vaccine - Photo The Indian Express

COVID19 Vaccine – Photo The Indian Express


Administering the second dose will be much easier to implement, said Danny Louange, chief executive of the Seychelles Health Care Agency.

The country hopes to inoculate at least 70,000 people by March 2021 and to, hopefully, attain the so-called herd immunity.

For the time being, Seychelles is vaccinating medical staff and the elderly, starting with those 60 years and above.

Seychelles became the first country to impose the obligation for anyone traveling to the archipelago to show proof that they have received two doses of the vaccines and are COVID-19 negative as of 72 hours before arriving the country.

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