VICTORIA, 21 January 2021 – Schools have resumed, but only remotely, for a new school year across Seychelles as part of measures to stem the rise of COVID-19 infections.

In collaboration with public health offcials, the country’s ministry of education says they will evaluate next steps in another two weeks.

Education Secretary Odile Decomarmond - Photo Seychelles Nation

Secretary Odile Decomarmond – Photo Seychelles Nation

In-person learning in classrooms will only resume if COVID-19 is brought under control, the Principal Secretary for Education, Odile Decomarmond told reporters Tuesday in the capital, Victoria.

“We are doing our best to get all our programs prepared,” Decomarmond said.

The first week of the resumption is being spent catching up on education material that could not be covered before schools were forced to close because of the new coronavirus pandemic.

No in-person learning yet - Photo International School Seychelles

No in-person learning yet – Photo International School Seychelles

“By next week, students will be able to get access with new programs set out for the first term of the school year,” Decomarmond explained.

The lessons and learning resources are being made available via the national broadcaster, Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation.

A private TV station, TeleSesel, is also broadcasting learning material for Seychellois children.

Learning material is also available on the internet.

Speaking Monday via video conference, Seychellois Minister of Education, Justin Valentin, encouraged students to be disciolined and endeavor to excel despite the “extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19.

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