JOWHAR, 4 February 2021 – Al-Shabab militants fired mortar shells Tuesday night breaking Wednesday into a base hosting African Union peacekeepers from Burundi.

As of Thursday, the African Union forces in Somalia had not provided details on what, if any, casualties were suffered in the attack.

The attack hit the base near Ali Haji in Jowhar, the regional administrative capital of HirShabelle, some 90 kilometers noth of the Somali capital, Mogadishu.

AU Forces in Somalia - Photo Hiraan Online

African Union Peacekeeping Mission Forces in Somalia – Photo Hiraan Online

Burundian Forces on the AU Mission to Somalia - Photo

Burundian Forces on the AU Mission to Somalia – Photo

Last month, al-Shabab militants a base with Ethiopian peacekeepers in Gedo region followed a few days later by an attack on a base hosting Djiboutian peacekeepers in central Somalia.

The attacks are worrying for officials in Mogadishu who are due to see the African Union fold up and depart in the coming months following full implementation of the Somali Transitional Plan.

Under the plan, the newly-trained Somali National Army will take over and provide security for the country.

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