MOGADISHU, 28 June 2021 – Twenty-one men have been executed in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland after being convicted as al-Shabab members.

The 21 were executed Sunday by firing squad after being found guilty by a military court in Galkayo.

Somalia - Source Wiley Online Library

Somalia – Source Wiley Online Library

Fighters of the jihadist group attacked the town of Wisil in the Mudug region of Somalia, killing soldiers, as the 21 were being executed.

Media reports said as many as 20 soldiers were killed in the attack.

Reports say this is the largest group of presumed al-Shabab militants executed at the same time anywhere in Somalia.

Several courts in other parts of Somalia have handed down death sentences against people suspected of involvement in the criminal activities of the jihadist group.

At least 18 of the 21 executed were presented as individuals previously involving with bombing campaigns.

The 21 Presumed al-Shabab Members Executed Sunday - Photo Hiraan Online

The 21 Presumed al-Shabab Members Executed Sunday – Photo Hiraan Online

The semi-autonomous government of Puntland has vowed to bring to justice any members of al-Shabab, including anyone who lends them support.

Fighters for the militant group control vast territories in the southern and central regions of Somalia.

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