JUBA, 30 March 2021 – The government of South Sudan has said it is delaying the rollout of its COVID-19 inoculation campaign.

The vaccination program was supposed to start on Monday in the capital Juba, according to an announcement last week by South Sudan’s health ministry.

Feeding a Vaccine Ampoule into a Syringe - Photo UNICEF

Feeding a Vaccine Ampoule into a Syringe – Photo UNICEF

The rollout has been postponed “for simple logistical reasons”, said John Romunu, a government official woring on the pandemic response team.

Juba has not named a new launch date for the campaign simply stating that they are yet to receive information on when the inoculations will start.

South Sudan received its first batch of 132,000 doses of the vaccine last March 26.

As of Tuesday, South Sudan has confirmed 10,119 cases with 108 fatalities, according to the most updated data provided by the country’s health ministry, the World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins University Hospital.

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