JUBA, 18 February 2021 – Delegates attending peace talks in the South Sudanese capital, Juba, have refused to vacate hotel rooms after they were declared “personae non gratae” for non-payment of accumulated bills.

The notice to vacate was issued last February 4 by hotel managers who have been waiting two years to have their bills settled.

Some of the Delegates to Peace Talks - Photo Christian Science Monitor

Some of the Delegates to Peace Talks – Photo Christian Science Monitor

The hotels are claiming over $10 million in unpaid bills accumulated over nearly 24 months.

More than 300 politicians from various political movements, from former armed groups, civil society, think tanks, the ruling party, parliament, state authorities, the military and the government of South Sudan.

The delegates have refused to vacate and that the hotel owners are powerless, Mel Garang told Radio Tamazui in an interview on Wednesday.

Garang is the general manager of South Sudan Hotel and a representative of the Hotels Association of South Sudan.

South Sudan - Source AFP

Source Agence France Presse, AFP

Dembesh Hotel Juba on Facebook

Dembesh Hotel Juba on Facebook

“These are not ordinary people, they are important people who include army generals, and they refused to vacate our hotel rooms. We do not have power and we cannot do much because even if we go to the police, they will do nothing to help us,” Garang told Radio Tamazui.

Stephen Par Kuol, the Minister of Peace Building, told Radio Tamazuj that they; as the government, have appealed to the hotel owners to be patient and reassured them that they will be paid.

Reporters covering the cacophony at the hotels have been told that funding for the peace deal has been channeled through the National Transitional Committee, a group comprising government and opposition members and charged with overseeing the finances of the power-sharing agreement.

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