JUBA, 4 February 2021 – Several hotels have expelled at least 300 delegates attending peace talks in Juba, blaming the South Sudanese government for owing $50 in unpaid bills.

Some of the delegates are minsters, members of parliament and military officers of the various peace deals.

Some of the delegates have reportedly been housed in the hotels since 2019.

We not accommodating any peace delegates starting from this afternoon, the General Manager of South Sudan Hotel Mel Garang told reporters Thursday.

Peace is Expensive until you see the Bill of War - Photo Yahoo News

Peace is Expensive until You Check out the Bill for War – Photo Yahoo News

Garang explained that failure to settle bills means they cannot renovate the hotels and now have staff who are five-six months in arrears in salaries.

“Wehave suppliers who are not getting paid also,” Garang added.

The manager of Royal Hotel, Kot Maker, said his hotel will involve the police to deal with those who may refuse to leave the hotels.

The outstanding bills have forwarded to the National Transitional Committee which should have received funding from the South Sudanese government to settle the bills.

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