GENEVA, 20 February 2021 – The violence in South Sudan has intensified over the last few months, with hundreds of civilians killed or displaced, a report by experts has concluded.

United Nations human rights experts, who completed and have submitted the report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, described the level of violence unfolding in the country as “staggering”.

UN Experts Say Violence in South Sudan is Staggering - Photo Anadolu Agency

Failing Victims of Staggering Violence – Anadolu Agency

Children Elderly and Women - Photo OCHA

Victims are Super Vulnerable – OCHA

Women and girls continue to be abducted, sexually assaulted and  raped, and young boys continue to be forcefully recruited as child soldiers, the experts wrote.

Villagers are being looted and razed to the ground and hundreds of thousands of people remain internally displaced, the report added.

While a government of national unity in Juba gives the semblance of a country reconciled with itself, horrific violence continues to unfold at regional levels.

Violence Creating More IDPs - Voice of America

Violence Creating More IDPs – Voice of America

The atrocity crimes decried by the report are blamed on rival militias, generally formed along ethnic lines.

The report says some 75 percent of the country is currently caught up in the violence perpetrated by ethnic militia groups which are increasingly better armed with more sophisticated and deadly weapons.

The report calls on the South Sudanese government to do more to restore stability to the country and to bring to book those responsible for committing atrocity crimes.

Last month, the South Sudanese government agreed – after two years of delay – to set up a hybrid court to prosecute human rights violations.

The report encouraged Juba to get the court up and running

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