VALENCIA, SPAIN, 17 JUNE 2018 – Spain is being praised for allowing a charity ship Aquarius and two other vessels, carrying 630 migrants, to dock bringing to an end a grueling journey for African migrants who had been stranded at sea for more than a week.

Spain allowed Aquarius to dock in Valencia.

Italy and Malta had earlier refused to let the migrants alight on their shores. The migrants were rescued on overloaded dinghies believed to be coming in from Libya.

A European Union summit has been convened for end June 2018 to discuss new rules on how to treat the flood of migrants headed for Europe. The majority of migrants who are looking for better life in Europe transit through Italy. Rome complains of bearing too much of the brunt of the migration crisis.

The summit is expected to overhaul the European Union rules for asylum.

Right wing parties have risen in popularity across many European countries riding on growing anti-immigration sentiments.

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