ROME, 23 December 2020 – A Nigerian soccer midfielder Joel Obi has been racially abused during a game of the Italian Serie B, club officials confirmed Wednesday.

“Obi was the object of an infamous and disgraceful phrase that has nothing to do with the most basic values of sport, ethics and respect,” Chievo said in a statement on Wednesday.

The statement said the racial abuse came from an opponent during the Chievo versus Pisa match which was played on Tuesday.

Both Pisa and the player accused, Michele Marconi, have denied the accusation.

Pisa insists that Marconi did not use the phrase “the slave revolt” towards Obi during the first half of the 2-2 draw between Chievo and Pisa on Tuesday.

Joel Obi – Photo Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Chievo is adamant not only that the phrase was used but expresses deep regret that no disciplinary action has been taken.

According to Chievo, the phrase was “heard by most on the pitch”, yet no action was taken “neither by the referee, nor the assistant or fourth officials, nor the federation delegate”.

Pisa “distanced itself” from the statement by Chievo.

The club insists the alleged insult was not detected by match officials and was not picked up by microphones around the pitch.

The Nigerian national has spent most of his career playing for three Italian football teams: Inter Milan, Parma and Torino.

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