EL GENEINA, 17 January 2021 – Forty-eight people have been killed in ethnic clashes in Sudan’s Western Darfur state, according to doctors cited Sunday by Sudan’s News Agency.

The clashes broke out Saturday in the state capital, El Geneina.

Angry mobs of Arab pastoralists and non-Arab groups attacked members of the opposite ethnic group.

Peacekeepers in Western Darfur - Photo Naharnet

Peacekeepers in Western Darfur – Photo Naharnet

A row between two men which escalated into a fight involving armed militias sparked off the clashes.

The stabbing death of one man got rival militias seeking revenge.

Prime Minister Abdalla Handok has sent a team to investigate the clashes and a state-wide curfew has been imposed in an effort to restore law and order.

Tensions remain high among inhabitants of Darfur where a conflict which stated in 2003 killed over 3,000 people and drove millions more from their homes.

The United States belatedly qualified the horrifying violence that enveloped Darfur as genocide.

Locating Western Darfur - Source Voice of America

Locating Western Darfur – Source Voice of America

United Nations (UN) and African Union (AU) peacekeepers who had been in charge of security in Darfur for 13 years withdrew less than three weeks ago.

Restoring peace and security after these deadly clashes is now seen as an early test of the ability of Sudanese security forces which took over from UN and AU peacekeepers to maintain the peace.

Hundreds of people were injured in clashes between Arab and non-Arab ethnic groups a year ago.

A peace deal was signed last year between most of the armed groups in the region.

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