TEL AVIV, 20 December 2020 – Sudanese migrants in Israel fear that the deal negotiated by U.S. President Donald Trump for Sudan to recognize Israel will jeopardize their temporary status in Israel.

Sudanese Refugees in Israel – Photo The Media Line

An estimated 6,000 Sudanese live in Israel and a majority of them have been granted official refugee status, according to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

Most Sudanese migrants in Israel make a perilous journey across the Sinai Desert where Egyptian border guards patrol before making it to Israel.

Once in Israel, they generally obtain temporary refugee protective status which allows them to work and send remittances back to their relatives.

Photo Current Affairs

Soon after the deal was announced by President Donald Trump, Israel’s Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen suggested that it is time for Sudanese refugees to go back home.

Reports say thousands more Sudanese asylum seekers have been deported from Israel with most of them asked to go live in a camp in a third country like Uganda or Rwanda.

Israeli-Sudaneses – Photo The Jerusalem Post

Some of those who chose to return to Sudan instead have told stories of having their passports seized for five years and of being tortured at the hands of Sudanese state intelligence agents.

The Sudanese capital, Khartoum, played host in 1967 to the Arab League summit during which Arab nations adopted the “Three Nos” resolution.

The resolution called for “No Peace; No Recognition; No Negotiation” with Israel.

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