ADDIS ABABA, 24 March 2021 – Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali has sought to cool tensions with neighboring Sudan over a border dispute.

Dozens of people have been killed in low-level clashes over a disputed farmland on the common border of the two countries.

Sudanese Prime Minister (L) and his Ethiopian Counterpart - Photo Arise News

Sudanese Prime Minister (L) with Ethiopian Counterpart – Arise News

El Fashaga Triangle Disputed Territory - Source Google

El Fashaga Triangle Disputed Territory – Source Google

The tensions include threats by Ethiopia to proceed with the second phase of filling its mega dam on the Blue Nile with or without a written agreement with downstream countries of Egypt and Sudan.

“Sudan is a brotherly country. We don’t want to fight with Sudan,” Abiy Ahmed said Tuesday in a speech to parliament.

“Sudan is not in a position to fight against any neighbors, it has many problems,” Abiy Ahmed said.

“Ethiopia has also many problems, we are not ready to go to battle so we don’t need war. It is better to settle it in a peaceful manner,” the Ethiopia prime minister said.

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