ALTINDEBA, 4 January 2021 – Sudanese authorities on Sunday opened a new camp, moving refugees from fleeing violence in Tigray into it, to avoid the spread of COVID19.

The new camp in Altindeba area of Gedaref state, opens following confirmation of an outbreak of cases of coronavirus among residents of Um Rakuba camp.

Sudan-Ethiopia: Curbing COVID19 Among Refugees

Building What is Home Ethiopian Refugees at this Dabaab Camp, Sudan – Photo

Refugees are being transferred to the new camp at the rate of 500 per day.

Officials in Khartoum decided to cut the number of those transferred per day by one-half in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

They lower number to be transferred per day also takes into account the fact that the bumber of refugees allowed to ride on a bus from Hashaba to Altindeba (500 km) has been cut in half to 30 people.

Sudan-Ethiopia: Curbing COVID19 Among Refugees

Waves of Ethiopian Refugees have crossed from Tigray into Sudan – Photo The Guardian

The Umm Rakuba camp has a capacity of 25,000, holding 5,000 less refugees than at the Altindeba camp.

With the buses doing two trips a day each, it is estimated that it will take two months to transfer everyone from the old to the new camp.

Refugees who test positive for the virus in Rakuba are being transferred to and isolated in another location.

Refugees who were in contact with those who test positive are self-quarantining in a camp where the safety equipment, masks and sterilizers has been ramped up.

As of New Year Day, the number of refugees who have crossed the border from Ethiopia into Sudan was given as 61,816.

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