KHARTOUM, 15 January 2021 – Air transport authorities in Sudan on Thursday banned air travel over al-Qadarif state and al-Fashaga region, according to the Paris-based Sudan Tribune.

The “No Fly Zone” was declared by the Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority after an Ethiopian military plane on Wednesday reportedly entered Sudanese airspace.

Locating al-Qadarif State

Locating al-Qadarif State – Source Where Is Map

Sudan Tribune attributed their story to Ibrahim Adlan, the head of the Sudanese Civil Aviation Authority.

Sudanese authorities threatened unspecific “dangerous consequences”.

There has been an escalation in clashes between Sudanese and Ethiopian forces in the disputed common border area in Sudan’s eastern region.

Sudan announced late in December that it had regained control of all its territories that were under the control of Ethiopian militias for over 25 years.

Ethiopia has accused Sudan of occupying its territory, raising fears that the armed forces of the two countries could be entangled in armed conflict.

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