DAR ES SALAAM, 9 February 2021 – Tanzania’s ruling CCM party has ruled out calls from some its MPs calling for President John Magufuli to run for a third term.

President Magufuli has no plan of remaining in power beyond his current constitutional mandate, said Humphrey Polepole, CCM party publicity secretary.

Humphrey Polepole of the Tanzania CCM - Photo East Africa Herald

Humphrey Polepole, CCM – Photo East Africa Herald

Magufuli during his releection bid - Photo AfricaNews

Magufuli during his releection bid – Photo AfricaNews

The wing of the CCM calling for a third term say the constitution should be amended to allow President Magufuli, 61, to run for a historic third-term.

Magufuli who won his second and last term in office last October. Results announced in early November said Magufuli had won a landslide 84 percent of the votes cast.

‘This is a closed matter at party level,” said Polepole, who is also an MP.

Tanzanian Cast His Ballot - Photo Toronto Star

Voting in Tanzania – Photo Toronto Star

“President Magufuli is not harboring intentions to remain in power,” Polepole added, speaking up in response to questions from an opposition MP who demanded clarification about whether or not the CCM endorses the scrapping of presidential term limits.

Magufuli pledged during his first term not to extend his stay in power.

“I will not extend my [presidential] limit even by a minute,” Magufuli had committed.

Given the CCM’s crushing majority, Tanzania is essentially a one-party state in which whatever CCM wants, the country gets.

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