DAR ES SALAAM, 29 December 2020 – Tanzanian President John Magufuli on Monday revoked the appointment of a district official, Revocatus Kuuli, allegedly for abuse of power.

The firing of Kuuli, the Iunga district executive director in Tabora Region, was announced in a press statement by the director of Presidential Communication, Gerson Msigwa.

Acting ostensibly on behalf of the government, Kuuli reportedly repossessed land owned by fellow Tanzanians without following laid down procedures.

Kuuli’s Land Deal Landed Him in Trouble – Photo Inter Press Service

Newspaper reports said the purchase by Kuuli from a woman of seven hectares of land may be at the cause of his sacking.

The land issues came to fore when Magufuli visited and listened to the grievances of residents of Tabora Region.

Source: Research Gate

There are also allegations that Kuuli was fired for poor performance in his job and embezzlement of public revenues.

Press reports said Magufuli had previously warned Kuuli about his poor performance and his alleged oppression of women.

This cannot be tolerated by the government, the statement from the presidency added.

Magufuli has warned praise and criticism for his very public fight against corruption and incompetence, including the mass firing of public servants considered as under-performers or as corrupt.

Critics have slammed Magufuli for, in their view, usurping not only the powers of another arm of government but for also for being both judge and jury. .

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