DODOMA, 20 January 2021 – Tanzania has reported an outbreak of African swine fever in its northern Kahama district in which more than 50 pigs have died.

The sale of pork has been banned in the district, according to the district commissioner Anamringi Macha.

At leaast 50 pigs killed by swine fever - Photo CGTN

At leaast 50 pigs killed by swine fever – Photo CGTN

The first case of swine fever was detected in late December 2020.

Officials in the capital, Dodoma and the eeonomic capital, Arusha, say they are working closely with district officials to bring the situation under control.

More than 900 pigs were killed in the last case of swine fever outbreak in March 2018.

That outbreak hit farmers in Tanzania’s southern region of Ruvuma.

African swine fever is a highly contagious and very deadly disease that afflicts both farm-raised and wild pigs.

It ides not infect human beings, but is readily passed from one pig to another by direct contact with bodily fluids or an infected pig

The practice of feeding pigs with food waste that is not been properly cooked allows the virus to transmit from the food to other pigs.

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