AMBAZONIA, 24 October 2020 – Pro-independence movements seeking to set up a sovereign nation to be known as Ambazonia are this Saturday, 31 October 2020, observing what they call the Ambazonia Day of Objection.

The day was instituted by the biggest coalition of movements known as Team Ambazonia to counter a decree issued by Cameroonian dictator Paul Biya for today to be observed as a National Day of Mourning.

Inspiration for the Day of Objection comes from the bold confrontation by a Christian, Mary Nkeh, of Paul Atanga Nji, Cameroon’s Minister of Territorial Administration during the latter’s visit to Kumba.

Ms. Nkeh heckled the minister as he claimed that President Paul Biya, now 38 years in power, was put and is being maintained in power by God.

“Objection!”, Ms. Nkeh screamed, interrupting the minister’s speech as he was attempting to use Bible verses from the Acts of the Apostles to justify his claim.

Samon Gabriel Shuy and Judith Ayanu Fombinda, the couple who own Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy where the October 24th massacre occurred, remained in police custody Saturday.

The Cameroon government has been desperate to blame pro-independence fighters for the massacre, but many believe the regime is really seeking out scapegoats to hang the massacre on.

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