KUMBA, 5 November 2020 – Thousands of mourners participated Thursday in religious services ahead of the funerals of the seven school kids slain last October 24 in Kumba, Southern Cameroons.

Video posted on social media show some of the parents of the murdered kids, weeping uncontrollably.

“Absolutely nothing can console us,” the parents of one of the children told reporters.

The Prime Minister of Cameroun, Dion Ngute, attended the funerals, delegated to represent Cameroun’s President Paul Biya who is notorious for missing out at major events like summits and is not known for avoiding funerals.

Dion Ngute said the killers – as yet unidentified – would not go unpunished.

The regime of Mr. Biya reportedly paid the bill for the funerals.

It is unclear if the parents of the slain children ever accepted cash assistance (estimated at about $1,000 per family) that had been offered by the Biya regime days before today’s funerals.

Mr. Biya has not spoken up in person since the many massacres that have been unfolding across Southern Cameroons since Biya declared war on 30 November 2017 against pro-independence campaigners whom he described as “terrorists”, “rebels” and “secessionists”.

Since the October 24 massacre at Mother Francisca Bilingual Academy in Kumba, there have been more attacks on students across Southern Cameroons.

On Wednesday, video posted on social media showed students held hostage, stripped naked, humiliated, terrified and forced to flee out of a classroom in the town of Victoria (Limbe).

Comments about this particular video questioned why the scene appeared to be staged. The entire school campus – seen on the video – had no other students in many other classrooms across several buildings. There were no staff, no other students, no security guards besides the students who fled the building naked.

On Tuesday, security forces in the town of Kumbo, northern zone of Southern Cameroons, claimed that teachers had been kidnapped in front of their students.

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