BANJUL, 31 December 2020 – The former ruling party in The Gambia, APRC, said Thursday it is rescheduling its congress for March 2021.

The postponement, according to APRC officials, is meant to allow for the return from exile of the former Gambian and APRC leader Yahya Jammeh.

Currently living in exile in Equatorial Guinea where he arrived in January 2017, Jammeh has expressed an interest in timing his return home to correspond with the organization of the APRC Congress.

It is not known if Jammeh is welcome back to The Gambia, but last year, he told supporters on a phone call from Equatorial Guinea and no one can prevent him from returning to The Gambia if he wants to return.

Sone online news portals covering The Gambia reported Thursday that the former dictator of The Gambia plans to return home before March 2021.

Speculations are rife in The Gambia that Jammeh is plotting his return to power, assisted if need be, by armed groups he is reportedly training in Equatorial Guinea and in collaboration with rebels in the Casamance Region of Senegal.

There has been no independent confirmation of these allegatons and officials in Banjul have not accused Jammeh of any such plot.

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