KAMPALA, 20 January 2021 – An Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Uganda, Stanley Ntagali, has been suspended from priestly duties and ordered to desist from representing the church reportedly over adultery.

A statement on the church’s website accuses Ntagali of being involved in an extra-marital affair with a married woman.

The statement adds that the Archbishop has acknowledged the affair.

Ret'd Archbishop Stanley Ntagali - Photo Daily Monitor

Retired Archbishop Stanley Ntagali – Photo Daily Monitor

Media outlets said they had seen a copy of the letter announcing the “bad news” to the Anglican Bishop under the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON).

“He betrayed the office of Archbishop, his ordination vows, and the moral commitments he championed,” the statement signed by his successor, Stephen Samuel Kazimba, read in part.

According to the church, Archbishop Ntagali retired last March after 43 years in the priesthood.

Daily Monitor on Twitter

Daily Monitor on Twitter

The statement said the church called for prayers for the spouses whose relationships are affected by the affair.

The church promised transparency in dealing with the affair.

In neighboring Kenya, a number of newspapers on Wednesday were having a good time reporting the story.

One paper urged Archbishop Ntagali to live by his own preachings and to learn first to remove the log in his eye before seeking to help others remain the speck in their eye.

The paper recalled that in 2019 during a visit to Kenya, the Archbishop called on Christians during a sermon he preached to take full “control [of] their sexual desires”.

The Anglican Church in Uganda has an estimated 14 million Christians.

Celibacy – the requirement that clergy be single, and abstain from sexual intercourse – is not demanded of Anglican clergy since 1559.

The congregation served by an Anglican priest looks to the priest for guidance and inspiration with the daily life of the ordained person becoming as much a “sermon” as the words that they preach in the church.

On that account, the husband, wife or children of the priest fall under more scrutiny than other families in the congregation.

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