KAMPALA, 4 January 2021 – The top challenger to Yoweri Museveni’s record setting sixth re-election bid has launched an app to monitor the results of the 14 January 2021 presidential ballot.

Pop star Bobi Wine whose real names are Robert Kyagulany says the app will help him and supporters of his opposition Natioal Unity Platform to tally the votes.

Uganda: Bobi Wine App for Elections

Museveni (L) v. Wine – Photo The Pearl Times

Bobi Wine said the app – named “U Vote” – can be downloaded and used by all voters.

“U Vote” was developed with sophiscated technology, Bobi Wine has explained, adding that ti will allow voters to monitor and keep track of votes as they are reported from polling stations.

“We have experienced a lot of vote rigging… and now we want to be in charge of everything,” Bobi Wine said on Saturday.

He made the announcement in an end-of-year message to his supporters.

“All polling agents will just have to a picture of the DR form and upload it there and then we shall do our own vote tallying,” added Bobi Wine.

The app can be downloaded from the Play Store.

“We would like to warn the Electoral Commission Chairman, Justice Byabakama, not to play with people’s voices… do not be like the dead fly which went to the grave with the corpse,” Bobi Wine added.

Uganda: Bobi Wine App for Elections

Source: TechRafiki

It is hard to remember a time in Uganda’s recent history when the organization of elections was not systematically followed by allegations of widespread fraud, voter intimidation, vote stuffing, rigging and other irregularities.

Museveni’s National Resistance Movement essentially denied Ugandans any choice in elections by banning political parties from fielding candidates directly in elections under the “no-party democracy” system.

President Museveni won his first landslide victory in presidential elections under that system in 1996.

During the 2001 election, Museveni won a substantial majority against hen opposition leader Kizza Besige.

The ballot was followed by protests against the results with supporters of Kizza Besige slamming the system for voter intimidation and rigging.

Political pluralism was restored after a majority approved it during the 2005 constitutional referendum.

A year later, Museveni won the first multiparty election in the country in 25 years with 59 percent of the votes cast.

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