KAMPALA, 9 January 2021 – Forty-nine staff of Bobi Wine, the most formidable challenger of President Yoweri Museveni in next week’s presidential election in Uganda, have been charged with illegal possession of ammunition.

The charges, brought Friday by a military court in the capital, Kampala, said the ammunition belonged to an AK-47 rifle.

Bobi Wine’s bodyguard, Edward Ssebuwufu, was among those arraigned.

Bobi Wine's Bodyguard Among those Charged

Bobi Wine’s Bodyguard among those Charged – Photo Grapevine News

A singing partner of Bobi Wine and a close confidant of his, Nubian Li, is among those charged.

The 49 arraigned are among about 100 Wine supporters arrested on the Lake Victoria island of Kalangala.

Earlier in the week, those arrested were charged by a civilian court, and then granted bail and released for reportedly flouting coronavirus restrictions.

A prison bus that should have driven them to court to sign their release documents instead took them to a military barracks, according to their lawyers, leading to the charges levided against them Friday.

Location of Uganda

Location of Uganda – Source Britannica

Also on Friday, the Ugandan Police Chief Martin Ochola warned that anyone who causes trouble during the presidential ballot next week “will regret why they were born”.

Opposition candidates have urged their supporters to stay on at their polling sites and to witness the vote-counting in order to avoid rigging.

Uganda’s electoral commission had earlier told voters not to stay back at the polling stations, encouraging them to leave the stations as soon as they have cast their ballots.

Ugandans go to the polls next Janmuary 2021 to elect a president and lawmakers to the country’s National Assembly.

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