KAMPALA, 17 January 2021 – The runner-up in Thursday’s presidential election in Uganda, Bobi Wine, says his life is being threatened.

The pop star turned politician told the BBC Sunday that his home has been surrounded by Ugandan security forces who are not allowing him to leave and are preventing anyone from visiting him.

Bobi Wine - Photo Mind of the Geek

Bobi Wine – Photo Mind of the Geek

Incumbent Yoweri Museveni, who first came to power in 1986, won a record sixth five-yeear term, according to official results announced Saturday by the electoral commission.

Bobe Wine, whose real names are Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, has refused to concede, alleging vote rigging.

The electoral commission has denied the accusation, challenging Bobe Wine to provide any evidence of fraud in his keeping.

Bobe Wine has said he will publish evidence of fraud once Internet access is restored.

Museveni called the ballot Uganda’s fairest election ever.

The 76-year-old Ugandan leader said of last Thursday’s presidential ballot that it was “the most cheating-free election” in the history of the country.

Security forces outside Bobi Wine's home - Twitter

Forces near Bobi Wine’s home – Photo posted Bobe Wine’s Twitter Handle

The electoral commission said Museveni garnered almost 59 percent of the votes cast compared to about 35 percent credited to Bobe Wine.

The government of Uganda shutdown the Internet just before and throughout the day on Thursday as Ugandans cast their ballots.

Social media was also shutdown, beginning 24 hours earlier.

A security firm that had guarded Bobi Wine’s home for more than 12 years was ordered to pack up and leave his home.

On the interview with the BBC, Bobi Wine said all options are on the table for his party – the National Unity Platform.

He explained that his party could call for peaceful protests, stressing that he is not calling for violent insurrection.

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