KAMPALA, 25 February 2021 – Ugandan pop star turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has until next March 31 to prove if his armoured car was a dsonation from friends.

Wine risks losing the newly-acquired vehicle to the state of Uganda if he cannot prove it was a donation, news reports said Thursday, citing the Inpsectorate of Government.

Speaking Wednesday to journalists, the director of leadership code, Annet Twine, explained that Ugandan law requires all political leaders to declare their wealth as part of efforts to curb corruption in the country.

Bobi Wine and Bulletproof Car - Photo The Independent Uganda

Bobi Wine and Bulletproof Car – Photo The Independent Uganda

“He still has time to make a declaration,” Twine said, citing section 10 of the Leadership Code.

Under the Code, “when you receive a gift in the course of your duties, you have to declare it. We shall wait until he submits his declaration and see how he explains how he got it,” she said.

If the vehilcde is a donation, she explained further, “there is a provision for him to explain how he came to own and it can be verified.”

One of the major questions state security is seeking to answer, is to ascertain that Wine did not receive the armoured car from another country or foreign entity.

Concerns have also been raised as to how Wine operated under the radar of security forces and intelligence services in shipping in and clearing the vehicle.

Bobi Wine Punches the Air in Show of Encouragement to Supporters - AllAfrica.com

Bobi Wine Punches the Air, Encouraging Supporters – AllAfrica.com

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has also launched investigations into whether Wine, in the recently concluded elections, paid the KSh 2.6 million in duty.

Wine had announced on Facebook that friends contributed to help him buy the vehicle.

“There is another group of comrades who kick-started a fundraising campaign for a bullet-proof vehicle”.

“These comrades informed me of their plan, but I thought it was an uphill task, given how expensive it is,” Wnie wrote on Facebook.

He added that he was surprised a few weeks ago when the friends informed him that they had raised enough money to buy the vehicle, a black Landcruiser VX.

News reports said Thursday that the vehicle was driven into Uganda from Kenya by one Fauz Khalid, after which it was sold to Wine.

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