KAMPALA, 8 JUNE 2018 – A Ugandan member of parliament, Ibrahim Abiriga, who championed the lifting of the presidential limit last year in Uganda has been gunned down on the outskirts of the capital, Kampala, sparking riots by his constituents.
It is unclear who killed the legislator, but Uganda President Yoweri Museveni, condemned the killing in a letter which described the unknown killers as “pigs and parasites”.

Museveni promised to modernize the anti-crime capacity of the country, stressing the need for the installation of cameras on highways, offices and homes, and tracking of all automobiles in the country through mandatory mounting of tracking devices on vehicles.

Police and security forces dispersed rowdy youth who gathered outside the home of the fallen legislator. The violence began after the body of the mortal remains of the legislator were flown in by chopper to an airstrip in the town.
Ugandan authorities have been under pressure from citizens who would like answers to questions they have about rampant hostage taking, kidnappings, murders, and rape that continue to rock the country.

Abiriga represented Arua Municipality in Northern Uganda and his colleagues in parliament eulogized him in moving tributes that described him as an honest, loyal “man of the people”.

A spokesperson for the police, Josephine Angucia, blamed the rowdy crowds for vandalizing many vehicles and motorcycles.

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