KAMPALA, 16 June 2021 – Public offices across Uganda have been invited to replace an old portrait of President Yoweri Museveni with a more recent one.

Officials in charge of such offices have been invited to place orders with the government printers for copies of the new portrait taken after Museveni was sworn into office for a historic sixth term last May.

New Portrait of Museveni on Twitter

New Portrait of Museveni on Twitter

Old Portrait of Musveni - Photo State House Uganda

Old Portrait of Museveni – Photo State House Uganda

The old portrait had Museveni in a suit while the new one has him spotting a white hat.

The 76-year-old Museveni was declared winner of the January 2021 presidential election amidst complaints of vote stuffing and rigging from the main opposition candidate, Bobi Wine.

The country’s electoral commission dismissed accusations of rigging, challenging Bobe Wine to published evidence of his allegations.

Museveni called last January’s ballot the freest and fairest election ever in the history of the west African nation.

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