KAMPALA, UGANDA, 16 JUNE 2018 – Uganda inaugurated a new stretch of four-lane highway built by the Chinese on Friday.

The highway is intended to connect the capital, Kampala, with the country’s only international airport at Entebbe. The 51-kilometer highway will cut down travel time between the heart of Kampala and the airport from hours to just 30 minutes.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni praised the highway as one of the fruits of strengthened support from China.

“We believe in win-win cooperation and we always want to put justice and friendship first,” said the third Deputy Prime Minister of China, Wang Yang, who joined Museveni at the inaugural ceremony. “We will continue to provide assistance to Uganda to the best of our ability and without political constraints,” Wang Yang added.

Works on the highway started in 2012 and ended last year for a total cost of nearly $10 million a kilometer of road – being a grand total of $476 million, with $350 million of that amount provided as a loan by the Chinese Exim Bank.

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