KAMPALA, 23 February 2021 – Police in Uganda are holding a singer, Amelia Nambala, on susupicion of human trafficking after she was napped with 48 passports.

Hotel guards at Sheraton Hotel in the capital, Kampala, called in police detectives after hotel scanners detected suspicious items in her bags.

Ugandan Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire - Photo The Ugandan

Ugandan Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire – Photo The Ugandan

Detectives found 48 passports with female names and took the singer to Central Police Station, Kampala, for interrogation, along with another suspect, Ester Nassali, who was with Nambala at the time.

“As of now, we are holding her on charges of being in possession of suspected stolen passports,” the Daily Monitor reported, citing police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigire.

“We shall also investigate human trafficking if she fails to account for the passports,” Owoyesigire added.

Nambala told police in a statement that she was in the process of flying the owners of the passports to Turkey for a trip.

Police declined to discuss the identity of the 48 women/girls whose names and pictures are on the passports, explaining that they are considered potential victims.

Uganda Singer Amelia Nambala - Photo Ugziki

Uganda Singer Amelia Nambala – Photo Ugziki

Police arrest two for human trafficking - Photo NBS Television

Police arrest two for human trafficking – Photo NBS Television

In 2019, Nambala appeared before detectives at Central Police Station to respond to fraud allegations.

In that case, Nambala was accused of defrauding one Sekandi of Shs7 million to secure Swedish Visas for his children and did not fullfil her promise.

Human trafficking involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.

Every year, millions of men, women, and children are trafficked worldwide.

The government of Uganda reported identifying at least 214 victims of human trafficking in the country in 2018, down from 276 cases in 2017.

Twenty-seven of the trafficking victims in Uganda in 2018 were children.

Of the total 214 victims, 149 adults were victims of forced labor while 18 chldren and 15 adults were victims of sex trafficking.

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