The United Nations Peacekeeping Mission to Mali (MINUSMA) is providing free medical clinics to villagers in remote and predominantly inaccessible parts of Central Mali.

The desert regions of this West African nation have been used as bases by Islamic jihadists with ties to al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

A Senegalese medical officer, Lt. Tafsir Gueye, who is part of the MINUSMA team told reporters that their team is focused on helping mostly elderly people suffering, among others, from chronic articular diseases, like arthritis, and ocular problems.

“We do not have all the necessary paraphernalia, but we are doing our best even against the recurrent diseases we find”, Lt. Tafsir Gueye is quoted by Reuters news agency as saying.

Peacekeepers deployed to Mali on instructions of the Security Council have been targeted by a guerilla campaign. So many have been killed that it is the world’s deadliest peacekeeping operation to date.

[Children getting healthcare and UN Peacekeeper. Photos courtesy of Chaine Espoir and MINUSMA official website]

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